The Independent Auction Group (IAG) comprises independent automobile auction businesses that are members of the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA). The IAG is recognized as a leader in cooperatively identifying and supporting the needs of the industry and bringing together resources and services for independent auction owners, managers and employees.


To provide representation for the independent auction body as a whole on the NAAA’s Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and in all policy related matters. IAG also provides support to those above named NAAA entities by encouraging members to participate.

  • Provide forums for independent auction owners, management and employees to voice opinions, concerns, issues and questions related to the industry and the NAAA
  • Deliver marketing campaigns and/or platforms to promote IAG brand awareness
  • Support a website to list locations and contact information for each member auction
  • Create opportunities to participate in educational and/or informational training sessions
  • Develop sponsorship opportunities at major industry functions; promoting IAG as a major group in the industry
  • Create opportunities for all IAG members to network with their peers and make new contacts within the industry


  • Direct access to IAG Co-Chairs, giving each group member an additional pipeline and voice to the NAAA Board of Directors, Executive Committee and staff
  • Opportunities to advertise in national trade publications as part of the IAG family of auctions
  • Visibility on IAG website, listing name, address, phone number and direct links
  • Sponsorship opportunities by sharing cost and gaining exposure with IAG members
  • A unified image and voice for all IAG members